EVIT is back in the news, discriminating against Special Education students, harassing them, and retaliating against another teacher advocate! The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights has come down on EVIT for five verified complaints of the same old stuff, again aimed at GPS kids. What does it take to make educrats like those at EVIT understand that kids have only a few years of their lives to learn how to become successful and responsible citizens. Taxpayers contribute their own hard-earned dollars for the purpose of public education. Educrats have a duty to the public to do their jobs correctly and competently. Do it right, EVIT! Or bring in someone who will clean up the mess that Dr. Sally Downey and her progeny have spawned.

OCR September 2013 report of EVIT discriminating against students from Gilbert Public Schools.

EVIT resolution agreement, September 2013.

Lawsuits Against Gilbert Public Schools At a Glance: Click links to download documents. We've moved the summaries and commentaries to a new web page so you can easily keep up with what's happening. If we have an unlinked document, check back. Will upload it soon!

Federal Court:

Superior Court of the State of Arizona: Superior Court of the State of Arizona:
Green McCoy FOIA
Complaint Complaint Complaint
Answer Answer Answer
Westie's posts: Dismiss your lawsuit against attorney Denise Lowell-Britt ... or else! Super-Secret Report about Brian Yee's sexcapades Settle this lawsuit or we'll make you pay!
Letter: Defendants' Disclosures are Inadequate ... or Worse   Motion for Partial Judgment
Letter: Defendants' Abuse of a Protective Order   Defendants Response to Motion for Partial Judgment
Our Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment   Defs' Supplemetal Authorities
Our Statement of Facts

Federal Court:

Our Reply to Defs' Response
Our Response to Defendants' Statement of Facts Complaint ORDER: We Win!
  Answer ORDER: Defs to pay attorney fees
    Defendants' Temper Tantrum: "We don't want to pay, and we don't like your order!"

Here is the latest info about the federal civil rights cases:

More coming soon. Things are hopping!

Recent Events

From our blog, WestieConnect

There's only ONE Gilbert Junior High School. Check out a video that captures the love and spirit of Gilbert Junior High School students, parents, teachers and alumni. Update: The Governing Board decided on January 22, 2013 that Gilbert Junior High School will NOT be closed. 


Kerri's Story: You "May Have" Violated a District Policy, or FERPA, or Something. Anyway, You're Fired!

Kerri's Story: The Employee Who Knew Too Much

Kerri's Story: An Amazing Job Reference and "No Record of Termination"


Gilbert Classical Academy:
Aggressive Parents & Demands

Gladis: A Story of Discrimination
Based on Race and National Origin

Update: The Governing Board decided on January 22, 2013 that Gilbert Junior High School will NOT be closed. 

Gilbert Classical Academy Attempt to Take Over Gilbert Junior High School - Overview

Gilbert Classical Academy Attempt to Take Gilbert Jr. High Against Community Wishes

Needlessly Pitting One Group of Citizens Against Another

Transition Committee to Decide What Dr. Allison Already Decided

Governing Board Denies Superintendent Dave Allison's Performance Pay Bonus

Once Again, GPS Administration Makes Life Difficult for Special Education Kids (This Time, STEPS)

Background Information Gilbert Public Schools  Doesn't Want You to Know

Stunning Failure of Vision, Planning, and Communicating - With a Total Absence of Financial Data!

Gilbert Classical Academy Aggressive Parents Attempt to Take Over Gilbert Jr. High

Gladis: Discrimination Based on Her Race; Torment Based on Her Accent

Proven Racial Discrimination and Bullying in Gilbert Public Schools

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against GPS for Illegal Race and National Origin Discrimination

How GPS, Arizona Education Association and the Arizona Education Department Waged War on Teachers with Accents

The Truth in Gilbert

The Truth in Gilbert: Part One: Read about a group that dedicated itself to trashing GPS board members, employees and good ole Westie. The group disappeared, but we preserved their comments!

The Truth in Gilbert: Part Two: Superintendent Dave Allison's June 2013 retirement brings out the H8Rs again! See if you can connect the dots between comments on MSM articles and Truthies.

We plan to publish a series of web pages on this topic, so stay tuned!

Gilbert Public Schools Latest News
What the Administration
Doesn't Want You to Know

Brian Yee / Highland Jr High
Investigation of Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment
and Retaliation

NEW! Gilbert Public Schools Sued for Withholding Public Records Regarding Lawsuits and Claims by District Teachers and Administrators.

Is Gilbert Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Barbara VeNard Bringing a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation Against a Board Member?

UPDATE: What does it cost to lose an anti-SLAPP lawsuit? $17,367.00, as the Congress School District discovered after suing parents who sought public records.

WOW! Former Gilbert Public Schools Board Member Apologizes for the District's Retaliation Against Sarah

NEW! Lawsuits Filed Against Gilbert Public Schools Alleging Race Discrimination, Harassment and Physical Attacks Against a High School Student.  The discrimination lawsuits against GPS are all the more believable after reading the OCR findings against the district and EVIT!

Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board meeting September 18, 2012 - votes 3-2 to have a work-study session on retaliation against teachers

SpringBoard Curriculum Decision. Teachers tell board members they face retaliation.

SpringBoard Curriculum Information that administrators don't want you to know

Allegations and Investigations about Principal Brian Yee, Gilbert Public Schools

NEW! Administrator Files Whistle Blower Lawsuit Against Gilbert Public Schools

Notice of Claim filed by an assistant principal who was subjected to discrimination, harassment and retaliation after she reported a hostile work environment based on illegal  harassment at Highland Junior High School.

Gilbert Public Schools Sued for Withholding Public Records Regarding Lawsuits and Claims by District Teachers and Administrators.

New Allegations of Intimidation and Retaliation at Highland Junior High School (August 2012)

Principal Brian Yee Moved to Greenfield Junior High School in an Unusual Transfer by Superintendent Dave Allison, Skirting GPS Governing Board Approval (July 2012)

Investigation report revelations about Highland Junior High School Principal Brian Yee (May 2012). Includes back story information from viewer comments on

What Teachers and Staff at Highland Junior High School Can Expect from Investigation of Principal Brian Yee (Investigation Part 1)

Information for Highland Junior High School Whistleblowers, (Investigation Part 2)

Did You Know? Investigating Attorney Matthew W. Wright argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that male administrators had the right to strip search a 13 year old girl. He lost. Whew!

Sarah's Story
GPS Tried (and Failed) to Fire
a National Board Certified Teacher

Glenna's Story
GPS and EVIT Agree to Monitoring
by the Federal Government

NEW! Gilbert Public Schools Sued for Withholding Public Records Regarding Lawsuits and Claims by District Teachers and Administrators.

WOW! Former Gilbert Public Schools Board Member Apologizes for the District's Retaliation Against Sarah

GPS Governing Board Unanimously Withdraws Charges and signs a settlement Agreement specifying this was done to avoid a public hearing Sarah demanded.

Read Sarah's story: GPS Firing Teacher Who Reported Bullying, Racial Discrimination

Drop Your EEOC Charge or BE FIRED! Threats by the Superintendent, retaliation by administrators

BETRAYED by Gilbert Education Association President Diane Drazinski

AEA Facebook Posts: Gilbert Education Association President Betrays a Member

What Happens to Teachers Who Report Bullying in GPS

Barrel of laughs! Jason Martin, Highland Park Elementary School Principal, gets defended on

School Year 2012-2013: The US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights is monitoring Gilbert Public Schools and East Valley Institute of Technology.

EVIT Lawsuit Against Ten "John Doe" Employees for Complaining about Superintendent Sally Downey

GPS Special Education Students Face Arbitrary, Unfair Obstacles from EVIT

GPS Retaliated Against Teacher Who Opposed Harassing and Discriminating Against Special Ed Students at EVIT

Office for Civil Rights Letter Detailing Findings Against GPS and EVIT

EVIT Superintendent Sally Downey Has an Unsavory Past (check out the photo!)

EVIT Staff Relationships Deserve Scrutiny

UPDATE: Former EVIT Administrator Ben Arredondo has pleaded guilty to two felonies in federal court: honest services fraud and mail fraud.

What Happens when Teachers Report Bullying or Discrimination in GPS

Resources and Tips for Teachers and Employees in Gilbert Schools

Proven Racial Discrimination and Bullying Within Gilbert Public Schools

BETRAYED by Gilbert Education Association

"Independent Investigation" -- by attorney Denise Lowell-Britt

Retaliatory Complaint Filed by Parents of Bully: Teacher Convicted by Merriam-Webster

Gilbert Public Schools Policy on Staff Conduct: "Misconduct" prohibited any time, any where ... and you better tell us if you're taking meds!

How Gilbert Public Schools Fires Employees: "Progressive Documentation"

How GPS Manipulates Complaints Against Employees

Gilbert Public Schools Policy on Staff Conduct: "Misconduct" prohibited any time, any where ... and you better tell us if you're taking meds!

LOL! Jason Martin, Highland Park Elementary School Principal: Late night keyboard therapy for a principal caught conspiring to fire a teacher?

Students Are NOT a Priority in GPS

Cost to Fire a Teacher Unfairly

Classroom Photos show how Sarah left her classroom when she removed personal property.  This is all new GPS teachers are given.

Contrast with how Sarah's warm and welcoming classroom that cost her $$thousands. Gilbert Public Schools teachers set up classrooms on their own time and on their own dime.

We Itemize the Cost to Gilbert Public Schools to Fire a National Board Certified Teacher Who Reported Bullying and Racial Discrimination.

Valley Schools Insurance Trust: criminal investigation by the Maricopa County Attorney. GPS insures through The Trust; GPS Asst Supt Clyde Dangerfield is president of The Trust.

Legal Representation
for Accused Educators

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William R. Hobson
7303 West Boston St.
Chandler, AZ 85226
Fax 480-705-7503

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at the request of parents, we removed
the family name that might identify a child

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