Statement of Charges 1-5 Against Gilbert Public Schools Teacher

Update: GPS withdrew all charges rather than try to prove any of them to be true. Sarah retains all her legal claims against the district.

NEW! Gilbert Public Schools Board Member Apologizes for the District's Retaliation Against Sarah

The following charges date back to the 2010-2011 school year at Meridian Elementary School, Mesa, Arizona under principal Vicki Hester.

1. February 17, 2011: In emails dated February 17, 2011, Ms. Green described a third-grade ****** student as being ********** and otherwise labeled students. On another document, Ms. Green described the same third-grade ******* student as **********.   Read the emails Sarah exchanged with the school social worker about bullying in her classroom.

Sarah was on sick leave beginning February 17; she went back to work on March 2, 2011.

2. March 3, 2011: During a meeting with Principal Vicki Hester and a GEA representative, Ms. Green referred to one of her 3rd grade students as a **********  student and/or a **********. Principal Hester explained that it was not up to Ms. Green to make these judgments and that Ms. Green should not refer to her students in such a manner.

  Read Sarah's handwritten notes taken during the meeting. Read Sarah's dictated notes.

The GEA representative whose job was to observe this meeting to protect Sarah's rights to due process is the same GEA president who betrayed Sarah to board member Staci Burk in December 2011.

3. March 4, 2011: During a meeting with Principal Hester and the parents of Student A (a child in Ms. Green's class), Principal Hester asked Ms. Green to consider allowing Student A to remain in Ms. Green's classroom for a period of time (rather than reassigning the student to another classroom as Ms. Green wanted).

Ms. Green very visibly displayed her anger, refused to speak, and acted in an immature manner. Ms. Green's attitude toward the student and her conduct during the meeting was very upsetting to the student's parents and caused the mother of the child to become tearful.

  Read Sarah's notes from that meeting.

Complaint filed by the Ted and Kelly *****, parents of the child accused of bullying.

Sarah's initial response to the investigation report before she had a copy of the report.
Sarah's additional response when she got the report via a public records request.

Also received via public records request: Nikki Blanchard's letter to Mr. and Mrs. Ted *****. Sarah's response to that letter.

4. March 7, 2011: Notwithstanding Principal Hester's prior directives, Ms. Green again inappropriately labeled students during a meeting with District Associate Superintendent for Human Resources Nikki Blanchard, Principal Hester and the GEA Representative, by referring to one of her 3rd grade students as *********.

  Read Sarah's notes from that meeting, especially pages 3-5.

Inappropriate labeling? Denise Lowell-Britt's investigation notes show Nikki Blanchard labeled Sarah on March 9: "Teacher almost like Asbergers [sic] -- OCD"

5. March 7, 2011: During a meeting with Associate Superintendent Blanchard, Principal Hester and a GEA Representative, Ms. Green behaved in a defiant, discourteous and unprofessional manner. For example, Ms. Green accused Principal Hester of lying and challenged Associate Superintendent Blanchard's authority to meet with her during the school day.   Read Sarah's notes from that meeting, especially page 6 (lying) and page 2 (why not wait until the end of the school day instead of interrupting class?)

Notice what is lacking: any sense of fairness toward Sarah. There never was any attempt to follow standard GPS procedures for disciplinary action. There never was any real attempt to solve problems Sarah reported, especially the bullying.

** Note: Sarah does not have Asperger's Syndrome (correct spelling) or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Sarah does have an excellent memory for spoken words.

GPS wanted to put a happy face on the situation by ignoring Sarah's pleas for help for her students.

If this is what happens to a teacher who reports bullying and racial discrimination as the law requires, what teacher will "see" bullying in the future, let alone deal with the bullying?

Redacted Statement of Charges document from Gilbert Public Schools.

Update: GPS withdrew all charges rather than try to prove any of them to be true. Sarah retains all her legal claims against the district.

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