Aggressive Gilbert Classical Academy Parents Taking over Gilbert Jr. High

The meeting of the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board on December 4, 2012 was remarkable in a number of ways. First, the board had to deal with the community outcry over the firing in the media of Leland Rodgers, Gilbert High School football coach.

Update: The GPS Governing Board decided on January 22, 2013 that Gilbert Junior High School will NOT be closed. 

Second, during public comments, Daniele Quinteros, followed by Michele Frasier, President of the Gilbert Classical Academy PTSO, went into attack mode.

Their targets were board member Staci Burk, newly elected board members Julie Smith and Daryl Colvin, and representatives of Gilbert Junior High School who were serving on the transition committee the administration had set up to bulldoze through an unpopular, unsupported decision to close Gilbert Junior High School.

Don't think for a minute these were spontaneous speeches. Before they took the microphones, Daniele and Michele went over their written scripts with Gilbert Classical Academy principal Jodie Dean while they all were sitting in the audience.


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You can watch the entire board meeting here. Before the December 18, 2012 board meeting, anti-override activist H. Steven Johnson wrote:

Here's what the "Yes on the GPS Override" side is up to: They have plans to cut off the hands of the new board members before they're seated in January. EJ Anderson and the Administration are going to try to pass a catastrophic budget to punish the voters 6 months earlier than normal, since they have lame-duck board members EJ Anderson and Blake Sacha, as well as the anti-conservatives Helen Hollands and Lily Tram to pass it. They will not be able to get it passed with the newly elected board members, so they feel the punishment will need to happen now, or never!

Note: Daniele Quinteros (scroll down to the blue box at the link above) has been actively attacking anyone that she imagines opposes her, including yours truly, WesternConnections.

As an observer wrote: "Daniele Quinteros commented about seeing her video on Youtube. She seemed proud that she made Youtube but lamented the fact that the video was posted here and other pages and being "spun". No spinning needed here - the truth about their intentions, as shown in the video, comes straight from the horse's mouth..."

You can expect more accusations, disruptions and disrespect from this group of people in the future: it's their reason for being after the override was defeated. If you think these plans sound creepy, they do.

The political action committee formerly known as Gilbert Supports Education created a "double dutch super secret" group:

Gilbert Still Supports Education.

Organizer Susan Morris Keuter didn't like public scrutiny, so she took the group private to coordinate their plans after the voters rejected the override she so desperately wanted for Gilbert Public Schools administrators.

One of the members of this group was Barb Brownfield Dwyer, a GPS substitute teacher who also is paid $1,000.00 per month by the Gilbert Education Foundation.

Be sure to look at who is on the board of this foundation -- it's interesting that the same cast of characters got together in a different guise.

As for the attacks at the December 4, 2012 board meeting, Staci Burk explained what had happened that upset Michele Frasier and Daniele Quinteros (and Jodie Dean, by extension):

As reiterated by Ms. Quinteros in this video, I ran for the board on a platform of improved responsiveness to parents. This remains a high priority to me. All parents are welcome to contact me anytime through the board email, facebook message or via telephone.

In the interest of transparency, there were no promises made by myself or anyone present at the meeting. The meeting was in public, (not secret) with one parent on the GJHS transition committee. It is inaccurate to state that we met with all GJHS representatives on the transition team.

There was no strategizing or promises made. The parent we met with granted permission to disclose the content of our meeting related to the GJHS/GCA issue; This parent asked and I answered several questions regarding the school facilities board and its role in school closures. In response to a question about how to find the capacity numbers for district school sites, I provided the school facilities board website that could provide that information.

Comments on Gilbert Still Supports Education veered into territory that can only be called "hate," and people began sharing information outside of the inner circle. We have to wonder if it ever occurred to Susan Morris Keuter that someone might share information from Gilbert Still Supports Education because they were disturbed by the comments made by members of the group.

But the kicker was when members of Gilbert Still Supports Education published their plans to speak at board meetings during public comments with information to knowingly mislead the public, media and to actively interfere with orderly board business.

Many people dislike hate speech intended to divide and destroy the district, especially with references to other people as "whack-jobs." After being derisively tagged as "the rabid fringe," many people adopted that moniker and used it as a rallying point for political activity. We do not believe the GPS administration intended that result.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that top-level leaders in Gilbert Public Schools allowed these two groups, Gilbert Supports Education and Gilbert Still Supports Education to become the public spokespersons for the district. Superintendent Dave Allison expressed his sincere appreciation for these efforts in an email to GPS employees. Gilbert Public Schools superintendents and administrators, along with the Gilbert Education Association, contributed the bulk of the political donations supporting the override.

Lines of communication and information have become so blurred, the community doesn't know what to believe about the Gilbert School District. It has become painfully obvious in the divisions created by the GJHS / GCA controversy.

Susan Morris Keuter announced that she was disbanding Gilbert Still Supports Education in December 2012. We have it on good authority that she later bragged it was just a ruse.

As for the strategizing advocated by Gilbert Still Supports Education, there is plenty of that among the GSSE vets who are now aggressive Gilbert Classical Academy supporters. A letter, or talking points primer, was passed out at a December holiday concert by GCA supporters. You can read the entire document here.

The reaction from Gilbert Junior High School families included:

Karen Udall: The "Recommendations" on pages 4-6 are the same ones [our team] passed out to the GJHS parents on Thursday and Monday. These are the recommendations associated with Transition Option #3. It has NOT been voted on yet, that is what tonight's [Dec. 19] Transition Committee meeting is for. The "Additional Considerations" section is pure GCA, and their opinion on which recommendation to vote for. GJHS committee members have not collaborated on that, nor endorsed those reasons as the primary drivers if they were to vote for Option #3. The first page is pure GCA as well, no input on that from GJHS committee members.


Love how they have renamed GJHS "the Burk street campus". And how they continue to assert that this makes fiscal sense. And how a whole host of things should be evaluated or studied AFTER the decision is made. I really don't know what else to say, except the level of arrogance from these folks continues to astound me.


This is just appalling that they can actually distribute this document with a straight face.


Why is it that every time I read what GCA is doing/ saying, my blood boils? Why do they feel they must promote such one sided views / materials. I see this and can't help but feel they view us (GJHS) as second class citizens and our students are something you sweep out with the trash? To be honest, I hear lots of talk amongst my students who already perceive that they are being tossed aside for the "smart" kids. They hear these things that are being said in the community and come back asking why the district doesn't care about them. I don't feel "decisions" that have not been passed, or letters to rally the GCA troops should be allowed to stir things more. There is a committee in place, let them do their jobs as they have been asked to do, and stop unnecessary talk. It finds its way to the students after it has been bastardized and it is hurtful.

In the end, there was a vote by the transition committee on December 17, 2012, and the matter will go to the new board for consideration on January 8, 2013. The vote was 10-4 for closing Gilbert Junior High School at the end of this year. A transition committee member said that was the only option the GCA representatives would support.

Be sure to read the document that GCA supporters prepared, if only to see the financial data they made up about the two constrained options available to the committee:

Option 1

Option 3

Do you believe those figures? They did not originate with the administration; they seem to have been conjured from thin air. But those numbers really don't mean anything -- the decision to close Gilbert Junior High School was made with even less data. What a way to run a railroad!

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