Glenna's Story:

Gilbert Public Schools (GPS) and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) harass Special Education students, discriminate against them, and retaliate against their teacher advocates.

For ten years, Glenna Hastings won awards for outstanding service to Special Education students as GPS's teacher on site at EVIT.  It all changed in December 2008: GPS Superintendent Dr. Dave Allison accepted EVIT Superintendent Dr. Sally Downey's word and took action against his own employee.  Without a shred of evidence, Allison told Glenna Hastings that Downey had complained that Glenna was "acting unprofessional" at EVIT. To protect her students, Glenna Hastings filed a civil rights claim with the federal government in 2009. During the three year investigation that the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights conducted, the complaints against Glenna were proven false and the allegations of harassment and discrimination were proven true, as was the retaliation against Glenna.

Both EVIT and GPS have signed agreements that subject them both to monitoring by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.

The students who were harmed
will NEVER get back years of their lives
when they were subjected to
illegal harassment and discrimination.

Background: GPS and EVIT Harassing and Discriminating Against Special Ed Students

GPS and EVIT: Still Harassing Students, Retaliating Against Teachers

Office for Civil Rights Letter Detailing Findings Against GPS and EVIT

OCR Resolution  Agreement: East Valley Institute of Technology

OCR Resolution Agreement: Gilbert Public Schools

EVIT Superintendent Dr. Sally Downey has an unsavory history

EVIT Staff Relationships Deserve Scrutiny - UPDATE: Ben Arredondo has pleaded guilty to two felonies in federal court: honest services mail fraud and mail fraud.

GPS Superintendent Dr. Dave Allison is a repeat offender in retaliating against teachers

EVIT Cons Time Magazine Writer Joe Klein in "Learning that Works"

EVIT Lawsuit Against "John Doe" for Complaining about Superintendent Sally Downey

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